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  • How do I place an order with Soxbay?
    Fill our Quick Quote Form and we will email you an estimate and provide a mockup showing how your logo looks on the product, what we call a MockUp as well as a layout, what we call Production Template which it is what we produce. An account manager will be assigned to you to guide you through this process. Of course, there is no obligation to order. Please try sending your logo in a high resolution or vector file format to speed up the process. Review the digital proof we email you, request as many changes as you wish and ask for any additional information you require.
  • What happens once I approve my order?
    Once you send your approval via email we start production of your order according to the mock up and production templates and the indications of your invoice so please be sure everything is correct before approving. Once an order has been approved may not be cancelled. After producing our quality control team reviews your order and makes sure everything is correct according to your paperwork (mockup, production template and invoice). Once quality has reviewed your order we proceed to ship it. We ship within the US with UPS or USPS depending on the location and service requested.
  • What about the payment?
    Once you send your approval via email we start working on your order right away. Before we ship the order, however, we need to have received the payment unless otherwise agreed. We accept credit card payments and bank transfers.
  • How long does it take for me to receive the order?
    For most orders production time is 3 weeks plus then shipping (between 2 to 5 business days). If you have requested a drop shipping service or special packaging we may need extra time for handling. Your dedicated account manager will be able to give you a better estimate of the timing for receiving your order.
  • What's a mock up?
    A mock up is an electronic document (usually in jpg format) that we can supply to illustrate how your logo/details would look when branded on a given product. See an example here We offer mock ups as a free service and aim to get them to you by email within 1-2 hours of receiving your artwork during business hours (Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm). There is no obligation to order, however if you wish to proceed with an order, your mock up and production template represents the basis of our order fulfillment. If you are considering an order it is therefore important to check that you are happy with the mock up and request modifications if required. You should double check: - Spelling of any text, website address etc - Orientation of logo/textSize and positioning of logo/text - Pantone® color refs (if applicable) - Abnormalities in the logo appearance - Check your company brand guidelines Please understand this list is just a suggested checklist. Once a mock up is confirmed with an order, processing begins and we are not responsible for errors in fulfillment if they are evident on the mock up.
  • Where does Soxbay ships to?
    We are able to ship your order to the US and Canada as well as the European Union.
  • What are your minimum order quantities?
    At Soxbay we try to serve all client's types and needs, that's why we are able to provide a minimum of 20 units for our Corporate Branded Socks and a minimum of 50 units for all of our other products. Contact us for detailed estimate and you will be pleased to see that even for small quantities our pricing is so competitive! Many other companies have minimums of 100 units or more, at a more expensive price range. A lot of these companies work with manufacturers that required high volume orders. Some will offer only subliminated socks which have not the quality of the knitted socks.
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