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Our Story: Soft, Strong, Supportive

My grandmother, who taught me everything about textiles quality and Portuguese cotton.

We love socks! So, when we launched Soxbay, we HAD to deliver the highest quality promotional socks to our clients. The cotton had to be perfect, and the factory we chose had to meet the highest standards of production. We were looking for generations of expertise. Fortunately, we didn’t have to look far.

Cotton from Portugal is known to produce some of the most exquisite, exceptional and reliable textiles. My family has known this for generations. My grandmother used to take me to Portugal to buy towels. No other cotton would meet her high standards – she swore by their quality. That’s why Portugal cotton became the base of our custom socks.

The cotton my abuela loved has entered the 21st century. About 200 miles from our weaving factories in Vigo, Spain, we found our dream supplier. They produce 100 percent organic cotton that is OEKO-TEK certified (more about that later) and produced sustainably in a small factory with fair-trade wages.

But exactly what makes Soxbay socks so special?

The world’s best cotton comes from Portugal

Cotton Plant

Grandma was an informed consumer for her time. The world’s best cotton really does come from Portugal. The fiber is longer, which results in stronger and higher quality cotton, which gives Portuguese cotton products a beautiful texture and feel. Its natural strength provides greater resistance to wear and tear. And it holds colors and retains its shape extremely well.

The cotton-growing region is also well known for small, generations-old factories, run by people who take pride in the quality of their work. Soxbay customers benefit from their flexibility, rapid response, know-how, and talent. Everything is locally produced, using decades-old socially and ecologically responsible processes, but combined with modern innovation. This approach of weaving tradition with the latest technological advances is the magic that makes our products so distinctly special.

Small town, top-notch products!

Once we source our raw material from Portugal, it only has to travel about 200 miles to where we produce our socks in Vigo, Spain. We chose to work with manufacturers from this region because factories there are small and have produced excellent products for decades. They also satisfy our personal quest to give back to our community.

We want Soxbay products to stand out as fine products using sustainable methods, and we want Soxbay to support small businesses with fair-wage practices.

Oeko-Tek certified and humanely produced

Our cotton is Oeko-Tek certified. This international certification means your socks are made with 100 percent organic cotton and do not use any harmful substances when produced.

The Oeko-Tek certification also means you know where your socks are made and that the production process is sustainable.

But what really sets our socks apart is the fact that they are humanely made, by people who are treated ethically and given a living wage – all the things that are important to us.

A class apart from our competitors

We stand apart from our competitors in many ways, but some of the most striking differences are that our socks are custom made with the best-quality, locally sourced cotton. So not only do you know where your socks come from, but when you first put them on, you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds.

Since we produce each batch of socks to order, we can weave your design all over the socks, rather than simply printing them on pre-manufactured socks. So when it comes to design capabilities, the only limits are your imagination.

You’ll also be able to order from a variety of five to six colors, as compared with other manufacturers that limit your selection to only two or three.

And best of all, our turnaround times and prices are on par with others in the industry.

A promotional product has to reflect your brand to your clients and prospects. It has to represent your commitment to quality. You can be sure to exceed this goal with Soxbay socks.


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